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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Pune India

What is Pune?

Pune is among the biggest top 10 cities in India. Along with the neighboring city of Pimari and Chinchwad, Pune becomes Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR). Boundaries of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad where they meet are merged and populated.

How much is the population of Pune City?

In 2023, Pune city has a population of over 3.5 million (35 Lakhs) and the Pune Metropolitan region (PMR) is estimated to have a population of over 6.2 million (62 Lakhs).

Where is Pune?

Pune City is located in the western side of India on the Deccan plateau in Maharashtra State. Pune is located in the same name district, Pune District.

Where is Poona?

Pune was also known as Poona. The previous name Poona was predominantly used as an official name from 1818 when the British started ruling the city after the demise of the Maratha empire primarily ruled by Peshwas (plural of Peshwa) then.

Which language is spoken in Pune?

The primary language in use and spoken in Pune is Marathi (the predominant language spoken in Maharashtra State), and Hindi (the predominant language spoken in North India).
The English language is also spoken and understood by a large population.

What is Pune famous or known for?

Pune has been known or famous for many things, some of which include,

What is ISD and STD code of Pune?

ISD code for India is +91 and STD code of Pune is 020

How is internet connectivity in Pune?

Pune has fairly good connectivity to the internet through broadband and fiber-optics connections (with speeds exceeding 1MBPS) and 4G cellular data connection, with 5G getting introduced now.

How is life in Pune in 2023?

Pune is among the top big cities in India, and is well connected to the world through roads, railway, flights, internet, networks, phones, and communication media.

Pune city along with the adjoining cities of Pimpari-Chinchwad forms a metropolitan region. Pune Metropolitan Region has steadily received a boom in its industry, first in the manufacturing sector and later boosted by the technology industry and associated infrastructure, and therein presence of thousands of small and big IT companies in Pune.

Relative quality and quantity of educational institutes in Pune attract students from all over India as well as international students.

Industry, education, and opportunity prospects offered by metro cities have steadily attracted immigration toward Pune.

Pune has been having influence on the rest of the world as well as has been receiving influence from the rest of the world. Pune has evolved into a cosmopolitan city having influence from a variety of cultures, while also maintaining its 'Puneri' and 'Maharashtrian' culture substantially.

Pune has fairly good connectivity to the internet through broadband and 4G cellular data connection, with 5G getting introduced now.

Pune has relatively abundant access to goods, resources and services needed for living. Goods can be accessed from marketplaces, malls, and individual shops easily accessible.
Goods and services also can be accessed easily and delivered quickly at homes and offices through eCommerce and digital media and websites and apps.

How is Pune governed locally?

Local governance and administration for the city is facilitated through (PMC) Pune Municipal Corporation of City of Pune.

What is meaning of Punekar? What is Puneri?

Is Pune part of Mumbai?

Mubai and Pune are separate cities, but big ever-expanding cities.
Central area of Mumbai is 152 Km from Pune via road, and 118 Km aerial distance.

Because these cities are expanding the periphery or outskirts of Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai, expansion of Mubai) and Pune have come closer than they were.

Is Mumbai bigger than Pune?

Mumbai is bigger than Pune in population.
If areas of Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Pune Municipal Corporation get compared then (in 2023) Pune has become bigger in the area due to the addition of surrounding villages to Pune Municipal Corporation.

Compiler & Author: Muzaffar Shaikh (Chief Editor, Living in Pune since 1990 and covering life & developments in the city and posting them at pune.ws)

Last updated: 10 June 2023

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